“Where Dreams Come True!”

The NXT Dream Center Team members are just like you when you were a child – you loved to DAYDREAM about your future.

Unfortunately, due to life’s circumstances, many have forgotten that “DREAMS STILL COME TRUE.”

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Liberty NXT Center (LNXTC)

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) Community Development Corporation (CDC) headquartered in Mountain Home, Idaho, with a Vision to open a NXT Center in your City!


Our Mission



Imparting knowledge and wisdom to Children



Mentoring Youth & Young Adults


Children, Youth & Young Adults

Helping Veterans & Seniors – establishing community partnerships from cradle to grave.

We are Focused on TWO Specific Areas

Liberty NXT Center

Focusing on BUILDINGS and FACILITIES to accomplish the NXT Dream Center’s Vision

  • The NXT Center will focus on the actual buildings/facilities/physical structures, etc.
  • The NXT Center needs 21,000 partners to help us receive $21,000,000 to build the buildings/facilities/physical structures within the next three years (before 31 Dec 2024).

NXT Dream Center

Focusing on PEOPLE or “Where Dreams Come True”; for children and youth were our initial focus for the first six months of 2022.
  • The NXT Dream Center focused on the children and youth initially in 2022. We specifically identified 22 children to make their dreams come true in SEVEN areas of the NXT Adoption Charity: Food/Nutrition Awareness, Clothing Support, Housing Assistance, Health Awareness, Educational Support, and Career Training/Guidance.
  • NXT Dream Center “Where Dreams Come True” “Making Dreams Come True” “Made 22 Children’s Dreams Come True In 2022.”